Carb Cycling On The Paleo Diet

So I got this great question over on Twitter. I was asked how does one carb cycle while on the Paleo Diet? To many people that is rather confusing.

If you are not sure what the problem is, the paleo style of nutrition asks you to eat mostly meat and raw vegetables. It is inherently low carb. Then carb cycling calls for days of high carbohydrate intake. Hence the problem. The truth, is they can actually exist together quite nicely.

First lets start with paleo nutrition and the concept of low carb. First and foremost, paleo nutrition calls for the return to what paleolithic eating habits. That is a return to the time before the advent of mass agriculture. During that time humans lived on a diet consisting primarily of meat, and fresh vegetables.

Since agriculture wasn’t quite born yet, foods like grains, beans, and sugar were almost nonexistent in their diet. Key word here is almost.

The truth here is that humans would have eaten plenty of carbohydrates, just not from the sources that we modern humans eat them from. They would have eaten plenty of fruits, and vegetables as they found them. And don’t forget root vegetables such as potatoes and tubers. They are very high in starch. And don’t forget raw natural honey.

There were entire seasons where plant foods were plentiful and seasons where plant foods were very scarce. This built in a natural form of carb cycling. The modern problem is that this natural undulation in food sources no longer exists. We no longer have periods of scarcity and periods of plenty. We just pretty much live in a period of plenty.

This is where modern carb cycling comes in. Since we no longer have a natural cycle of high carb periods and low carb periods, we add them in.

What I tell my members is to think about it this way. Paleo nutrition provides the foundation for your nutrition. Eat plenty of organic meat, and fresh produce. Once you have developed a solid nutritional base, we can start adding in the idea of carb cycling.

Bear in mind that this is a 50,000 foot overview of the whole topic. I go into a lot more depth in my book Holiday Hedonism.

Before you go, make sure to drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts on Paleo Nutrition and Carb Cycling.



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